JSC Serbian Railways


PE Serbian Railways and PTT Serbia signed the contract on telecommunications infrastructure construction along the lines

The Director General of Serbian Railways, Milovan Markovic and the first man of PTT Serbia, Goran Ciric signed today, 13 January, the contract on joint construction of telecommunications infrastructure on the Serbian railway corridors, the total length of 2031 kilometers. In this project, PTT will invest around 24 million euros, and the railways will participate in the proportional value of the land cession.
Both companies will use the part of constructed facilities, or optical fibers for the modernization of their own work processes

and implementation of strategic projects, and the remaining free capacity will offer on the market of telecommunications and other services to the third parties.
For “Serbian Railways” this infrastructure will be the backbone of digital communication and the railway is primarily intended for system management and improve safety of rail transport.
The post (PTT Serbia), with the construction of telecommunications infrastructure, will link the main postal center for processing the post consignments in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Nis, and work unit seats throughout the Republic.
Construction of telecommunications infrastructure along the railway tracks will be conducted in phases according to the priorities. The first phase includes the building a network of 444 km lenght of Belgrade railway node, in the section of the Belgrade – Nis and Belgrade – Sid. The entire project is 5,328,000 euros worth and completion is expected later this year.
The second phase of 412 km railway line includes the old Pazova – Subotica, Nis – Dimitrovgrad and Nis – Presevo, 4.944 million euros worth. The third phase envisages the construction of telecommunications network along the 1175 km of Belgrade – Vrbnica railway section line and other railway lines in Serbia. The value of works in this phase amounts 14.1 million euros.
For this strategic business project of cooperation, investment and technology of Serbian Railways and the Post, the approval is given by the Serbian Government. At the ceremonial signing of the contract of the contractual parties attended the Minister of Telecommunications, Jasminka Matic, State Secretary of Ministry of Infrastructure, prof. Dr. Slavoljub Vukicevic and the assistants.