JSC Serbian Railways


Overhauls in accordance with plan even after privatization

“Serbian Railways” expect that recent privatization of “Gosa” Factory from Smederevska Palanka, as well as “Lokomotiva” and “Vagonka”, branches of MIN Nis, do not slow down by no means the realization of current project. On the contrary, they expect the overhaul of locomotives and wagons to be even faster, better and more quality.
Such messages have already been sent by the new factory owners, expecting to meet soon the experts and CEOs of Serbian Railways, stated Jugoslav Jovic, Assistant Director of Transport Department at Serbian Railways.

At the auction held at the end of January, “Gosa” Factory from Smederevska Palanka has been sold to Slovakian company “Zos Trnava”, while Italian firm “Friuliexport” from Trieste bought three factories from MIN group – “Lokomotiva”, “Vagonka” and “Special vehicles”.

– Currently, “Gosa” is going through the realization of valid contracts and additions for 2006, continuing regularly with the railway projects. After the new owners get a complete figure of the factory, we will have meetings and negotiations on the continuance of cooperation, – explained Jovic.

The Italians, owners of Nis factories have already spoken to “Serbian Railways” and declared their decisive business and financial intention to improve significantly production and overhaul sections. That is a main condition for the continuance of cooperation, and more quality and modern overhaul of rolling stock for Serbian railways, particularly if we know that “Lokomotiva” and “Vagonka” are the only repair factories in the country. The primary meetings of Italian partners and Serbian Railways will take place in the next few days.

“Lokomotiva” and “Vagonka” are currently performing realization of the projects and contracts commenced in 2006. At “Lokomotiva” three diesel and three electric locomotives are the final phase, and we expect this project to be finished as soon as possible, and followed by negotiations on further cooperation. “Vagonka” is facing similar situation, with no unsolved problems, – emphasizes Jovic.

According to his words, it is very important to modernize and improve the service of these enterprises in Serbia. That will increase their competitiveness on the market, and the possibility to win new projects, as well.
– Through development of cooperation and the improvement of overhaul services, Serbian Railways’ rolling stock will get better and more efficient repair and modernization, and consequently make faster way to railway tracks. That is certainly of common interest of both Serbian Railways and the mentioned factories, – concluded Jovic.