JSC Serbian Railways


Number of passengers on Swedish trains tripled

In the period from April to September this year, since Swedish made diesel multiple-train sets have been operating in the Districts of Zajecar and Kraljevo, the number of passengers was tripled, while the incomes were an average of 150 percent higher that planed.

The highest number of trains was recorded in May and August, on the sections Nis-Zajecar-Prahovo Port and Zajecar-Majdanpek, amounting to 806 trains, and the number of passengers transported went up to 60.000. Therefore, in May and August, the railways earned about seven million CSD.

Other source of savings for the railways concerns the fuel consumption, since “Swedish” trains monthly consume 100 tones less than diesel locomotives, thus it is easy to calculate that, in the future, these diesel-multiple train sets will be worthwhile, – it was evaluated at the Passenger Transport Department, and specified that there is a interest of mentioned Districts to finance the air-conditioning systems in those trains.

Serbian Railways also plan to buy another 10 sets next year, from the same manufacturer.