JSC Serbian Railways


Nis – Drivers obtained their apartments

– In the past three years “Serbian Railways” allotted 82 apartments to their employees. On July 27, in Nis three more workers resolved their habitation problems, said Milanko Sarancic, Director General of “Serbian Railways”, handing the apartment keys formally to three railway workers in Nis.

Apartments located within railway ambulance station “Red cross” in Nis, total size of approximately 200 square meters, have been allotted to: Zoran Miljkovic, Zoran Trickovic i Dragan Mitrovic and their families.

“Serbian Railways” Director General, Milanko Sarancic recalled that in the past three years, 5.3 billion dinars, from international loans, state and Serbian Railways’ resources have been invested in infrastructure modernization.

– Till September 15, the Railway Day, “Serbian Railways” formally launch the reconstructed railway stations in Valjevo and Kikinda, railway ambulance stations in Belgrade and Mladenovac, and new level crossings “Negotin” and “Bajmok” as well. Moreover, we will soon finalize construction of the sixth track at Radinac Railway Station and finish repair of the line Stalac-Krusevac. In the next 30 days we should also finalize the project of modernization and electrification of the line near Stepojevac – specified Milanko Sarancic and all together announced new modernization projects, attainable thanks to certain loans approved by international financial institutions.

– Along with railway infrastructure and rolling stock, the most important railway resource is the personnel, emphasized Branislav Ristivojevic, Counselor of Serbian Prime Minister. – This event proves the best the care taken for this social component and workers during the period of transition – said Ristivojevic, reminding all the attendees of the dialogue between employers and workers established at the beginning of the current mandate of Serbian Government. He highlighted this particular example as one of the best where a public enterprise takes care of its workers’ needs.