JSC Serbian Railways


New railway halt in Barajevo

During the ceremony organized for finalization of construction works including landslide recovery and new railway halt at Barajevo Center Station, “Serbian Railways” Director General, Milanko Sarancic announced some significant innovations in Timetable, which are going to be applied starting at midnight.

– All European railway administrations, including “Serbian Railways” will start applying this new Timetable, which will be valid till December 13, 2008 – said Sarancic and emphasized the fact that, on that occasion, Serbian railway company procured new service quality for the customers even in Barajevo.

According to his words, it means practically means that the halt in Barajevo, 410 meters long will be able to take in even longer both freight and passenger train sets.

Sarancic specified that new Timetable introduced some significant innovations, both in international and domestic service.

“Serbian Railways” Director General analyzed quotations of certain media devaluating results of the construction and reconstruction of railway structures:

– Concerning works on the construction of sanitary network in Kraljevo, represented negatively by certain media, the facts are different since the works include complete reconstruction and dislocation of sanitary network. Besides, after the works are finished, all media representatives will be invited to check in person the results of this investment.