JSC Serbian Railways


New InterRail offer

As of this month, traveling by railway through Europe will be easier with the “new” InterRail ticket, covering two offers, that is, Global ticket and InterRail ticket for a single country – it was announced at the Passenger Transport Department of “Serbian Railways”.

InterRail Global Ticket and InterRail Ticket for a single country are available for: persons under the age of 26 for 2nd class coaches and children 4 to 12 years old for the 1st and the 2nd class. The ticket will be discounted for the persons under the age of 26, and twice discounted for the children, comparing to adults ticket price.

InterRail Global Ticket is valid in 31 European country, members of InterRail community and Turkey as well, including also Attica Agency covering ship transport between Italy and Greece. The new InterRail offer does not include Morocco anymore. Validity of InterRail Global ticket is 5 days within 10 days (depends on the passenger), 10 of 22 days and 22 days or 1 month (continually).

Ticket price depends on validity period and the passenger category. For example, 5-days ticket for the person under the age of 26 costs 159 Euros, while it would be 249 Euros for adults, in 2nd class coach. Traveling for 22 days continually, for those under 26 will costs 309, and for adults 469 Euros.

InterRail Global ticket is not valid in the issuing country. That specific railway enterprise is still obliged to enable the passenger to buy one return ticket to the state border, at no less than 25 percent reduced fare. Children pay half ticket price. For the passengers buying InterRail Global ticket, Serbian Railways give 50 percent discount.

InterRail single-country ticket is valid only for one country, including all the members of InterRail, and Russia as well. Validity period is: 3,4,6 and 8 days within one-month period. This particular offer has four different levels, defined by the InterRail member.

Serbia is in the group applying fourth price level, as well as Bulgaria, Czech republic, Macedonia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Turkey.

Transit transport discount does not exist anymore.