JSC Serbian Railways


New appearance for railway buildings

In the next three months “Serbian Railways” will finalize the reconstruction and adaptation of several railway stations and health centers. Total value of these projects is approximately 230 million Dinars, – said Vlada Radic, Director of Investment Department at Serbian Railways, in his statement for Media Center.

Renovation of the station building in Vrnjacka Banja will be completed during April, while the other two structures, health centers in Mladenovac and at Belgrade Railway Station will be finalized two months later, when the second phase of Vrsac Station reconstruction will also be completed.

According to his words, renovation of the station building in Kikinda will be finished in the next three months, while the reconstruction of station roof in Valjevo will be a little shorter, as well as the adaptation of railway health center in Crveni Krst.

We are currently performing preparations for the protection of level crossings near Bajmok and Negotin. The works should be completed in 60 days.

Certain structures and buildings are already in the final phase, while others are waiting to be commenced.
Besides 230 millions planed for these projects, the rest of 111 million Dinars should be provided.