JSC Serbian Railways


More than thousand pupils participated in “Caution! Choose life!” presentation in Uzice and Pozega

The safety level crossing campaign that is being organized by Media Center of “Serbian Railways” since 10th October in primary schools all over Serbia, took place on May 25th and 26th in Uzice and Pozega.

The lectures on safety in railway traffic were held in primary school “Aleksa Dulic” in Sevojno and in primary schools “Slobodan Sekulic” and “Dusan Jerkovic” in Uzice, in front of almost 700 hundred pupils. The presentation in Pozega, in primary schools “Emilija Ostojic” and “Petar Lekovic”, gathered together 300 children.

During the interactive lectures, a multimedia presentation is displayed in order to point out the danger and explain to children correct traffic behavior on level crossings.

The presentation “Caution! Choose life!” was recorded by “Alfa” Television, Regional Television Uzice, TV 5 and “Luna” Radio, while the campaign in Pozega was followed by TV “Pozega”.

“Serbian Railways” shall finish the safety level crossing campaign for this year in Belgrade. At the beginning of June, the multimedia presentation shall be prepared in primary schools in Belgrade in order to demonstrate safe behavior in railway traffic.