JSC Serbian Railways


Modernization of railway line Batajnica-Golubinci on the international railway Corridor X has begun

Realization of project of reconstruction and modernization of the section Batajnica-Golubincin on the railway line Beograd Šid-state border with Croatia, which is on the international railway Corridor X, officially started.
The meeting between Serbian Railways management with representatives of “Siemens” and “Tekefonkabl”, as works performers, in the railway station Nova Pazova, and then working agreement with the heads of the work site, officially marked the beginning of the reconstruction and modernization of the section Batajnica-Golubinci.

This section will be modernized within the Program Railway Rehabilitation II, which is being financed by the European Investment Bank credit.
The total value of the works on the modernization of this section is estimated on the amount of € 33 million, and it was foreseen that the works would be finished for 210 days, that is in May, 2009, if some more serious whether problems do not occur during the winter time. After the modernization of the railway line Batajnica-Golubinci, the train speed on this main arterial route, which is now from 60 to 120 km/h, will be increased on the projected speed from 160 km/h.
The project foresees a sanitation and reconstruction of the left and right track between Batajnica and Nova Pazova, in the the total length of 13, 8 kilometers, and overhaul of five station tracks in Nova Pazova and seven station tracks in Stara Pazova. Beside that, a new right track from the station Stara Pazova up to the station Golubinci will be built, in the total length of 9, 2 kilometers. It will set the double track traffic on the entire railway line between Belgrade and Šid. Beside building works, the safety-signaling, electro-energetic, and telecommunication facilities, as well as electric traction facilities, will be reconstructed and modernized, also.
Serbian Railways signed the Contracts for acquisition of the equipment and performing of the electro works on the section Batajnica-Golubinci with “Siemens” and “Tekefonkabl”, on September, 15, 2008, on the Railway men’s Day. These works are worth € 57 million. The tender procedure which is performed by Serbian Railways and European Investment Bank, for the performers of the building works and material and equipment suppliers, is coming to an end.
Within the Program Railway Rehabilitation II, apart from the modernization of section Batajnica-Golubinci, European Investment Bank will, in the total amount of € 80 million, on Corridor X finance a building of ten kilometers of new double track railway line on the section Gilje-Paraćin, between Belgrade and Niš, as well as overhaul of 58 kilometers of railway line between the stations Ćele and Staničenje, on the main arterial line Niš-Dimitrovgrad.