JSC Serbian Railways


Milovan Marković, Director General : The Government of the Republic of Serbia appropriated the amount of 2,1 billion dollars for the overhaul of the rolling stock in this year

-“Serbian Railways” will sign all of the agreements concerning the overhaul and production of the railway rolling stock in the value of 2,1 billion RSD, with eight domestic enterprises for overhaul, during the next ten days. The funds were provided owing to the program of the Republic of Serbia for the production stimulation and the overhaul of the railway vehicles and the reviving of the wagons construction. By this, the further technical-technological consolidation of the ,”Serbian Railways” is continued. Namely, the Government of Serbia appropriated the same amount for the overhaul of the rolling stock last year, – stated Director General of the “Serbian Railways” Milovan Marković.

In Markovic’s words, owing to the funds from the program of the Government of Serbia, 70 passenger coaches and 765 wagons and 14 locomotives and two electro motor trains will be overhauled and then ten passenger ZET 1 coaches will be modernized and 50 new wagons will be provided.

“Serbian Railways” has already signed the contracts with “Concern of wagons factory Kraljevo” (“Koncern Fabrika vagona Kraljevo”), for the supply of 50 new wagons and with “Želvoz” from Smederevo, concerning the overhaul of two electro motor trains.

– This project includes all enterprises for overhaul in the country. Accordingly, six electro locomotives, seven diesel locomotives and one diesel hydraulic locomotive will be repaired in the “MIN Lokomotiva”-Niš, and the total value of this work is 502 million RSD. 60 passenger coaches, 80 wagons, as well as two electro motor trains will be repaired in the !Želvoz” from Smederevo, in the total value of 464 million RSD. “Bratstvo” from Subotica will overhaul 145 wagons (116 million RSD), “MIN Vragolanka”-Niš will repair 145 (116 million RSD), “MIP Radionica šinskih vozila” Ćuprija – 80 wagons (64 million RSD) and “Inter-mehanika” from Smederevo–35 wagons (30 million RSD). “Goša” from Smederevska Palanka will modernize ten passenger coaches from the series ZET 1, and they will repair the same number of them and the work value is 215 million RSD. “Koncern Fabrika vagona” Kraljevo will deliver 50 new wagons and repair 280 freight wagons for the “Serbian Railways”, and the work value is 592 million RSD, – said l Director Genera “Serbian Railways”.

Marković reminded that “Serbian Railways”, owing to this program of the Government of Serbia, which was realized in the 2009, and which value was 2,1 billion RSD, had already finished the overhaul of 71 passenger coach and 501 freight wagon; that helped functioning of the Railways last year.

– In circumstances, when our rolling stocks are in average three decades old, and therefore the maintenance costs are extremely high, and when we are faced with the chronic shortage of wagons and locomotives, this project of the Government of Serbia has great significance because it will provide for “Serbian Railways” more successfully meeting market needs in the passenger and freight transport and domestic wagon construction will enable employing capacities and engaging the staff, – concluded Director General of the “Serbian Railways” Milovan Marković.