JSC Serbian Railways


Milanko Sarancic visited the drivers

Director General of “Serbian Railways”, Milanko Sarancic visited Belgrade Central Railway Station at the temperature of 42 degrees Celsius, and checked the conditions in which railway drivers and other train and sedentary staff are working in.

According to his words, extremely high temperatures stipulate excessive caution in transport organization, therefore, due to the possible rail distortion, slow drives are more frequent than usual.

– When air temperature rises above 40 degrees, rail temperature exceeds 60. Consequently, the rails distort. For that reason, traffic control has to be extreme and severe, since the imperative of our company is – safety, explained Sarancic.

He particularly emphasized that railway lines are being constantly inspected by Serbian Railways’ rail inspection and maintenance department, while the divers are obliged to pay particular attention during the running.

– In the past several years we managed to procure and set up air-conditioning devices in 60 percent of driver’s cabins, he specified and said that, till the end of summer, special attention would be paid to the railway sections disposed to the possible rail distortion. It particularly refers to the sections of open track, said Sarancic.