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Mihajlovic and Belozjorov Signed an Agreement on the Reconstruction of Bar Railway Line to the Border with Montenegro

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Zorana Mihajlovic, signed today, during the visit of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to Serbia, an Agreement on the continuation of Bar railway line modernization.

“With Russian Railways, we have modernized about 200 kilometers of railways in Serbia so far, which is an example of the railways we want to see all over our country, with fast and safe railways and new modern trains. Today, we are signing new agreements in the worth of € 230 million, which will be financed by a new Russian railway loan,” said Mihajlovic, who signed an agreement on joint realization of the project of Bar railway line modernization from Valjevo to border with Montenegro with general director of “Russian Railways” Oleg Belozyorov.

She added that the total length of non-reconstructed sections of the Bar railway line from Valjevo to the border with Montenegro is 209.8 kilometers. “Bar railway, along with Corridor 10, is the most important railway connection of Serbia to the region. With “Russian Railways” we have already reconstructed 77.6 kilometers of the section from Resnik to Valjevo, and with the modernization of the entire Bar railway line through Serbia, we will return the speed of trains to 100 km / h all the way to the border with Montenegro,” Mihajlovic said.

During the visit of Prime Minister Medvedev, two more agreements were signed in the area of ​​railway. The first is an agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Serbia on granting a state export credit to the Government of the Republic of Serbia. The new Russian railway loan is EUR 172.5 million worth, with participation from the budget of the Republic of Serbia amounting to EUR 57.5 million, which is a total of EUR 230 million. The new loan relates to the design and construction of the new dispatch center on the railway, development of design and technical documentation for the continuation of the reconstruction of Bar railway line and the construction of electrical infrastructure on the section of Belgrade-Budapest high-speed railway line, from Stara Pazova to Novi Sad.

During the visit of the Russian Prime Minister, a contract was also signed on the design and execution of works on the construction of railway infrastructure and the construction of a unique dispatch center on the railway. The contract refers to the development of project-technical documentation, EUR 9.48 million worth, and was signed by Acting Director-General of Serbian Railways Infrastructure, Miroljub Jevtic, and General Manager of RZD International, Sergey Pavlov.