JSC Serbian Railways


Increased interest in international trains

Since mid-December till now, 365 passengers have been transported on the route Venice – Belgrade, which is more that expected, they said today at Passenger Transport Department, in their statement for Media Center.
Single train ticket from Belgrade to Venice costs 55 EUR. Additional payment for sleeping berth is 14 EUR, including breakfast.

There is also an increased interest of passengers from Belgrade in international trains to Romania and turkey, as well as in the train “Avala”, operating to Budapest and Vienna.
In the last month, 305 sleeping-car vouchers have been sold for the train from Belgrade to Bucharest, and 270 tickets for the other operating to Istanbul.
Price of train ticket to Bucharest is 27,40 EUR, and 44 EUR for the train operating to Istanbul. Additional payment for sleeping-car berth is 15,40 and 15,50 EUR, depending on the route.