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Higher incomes in “Beovoz”

For the first time, after several years, city-suburban railway “Beovoz”, from January till June this year, has been working with profit, – said the Director for Passenger Transport at “Serbian Railways” Milutin Milošević.

During this period, 3.645.760 passengers traveled by Beovoz, which is around two percent higher than the same period last year. At the same time, on these basis, the Railways earned 66 million 670 thousand Dinars, the amount 5,32 percent higher compared to the money earned last year.

According to the words of Milošević, these results are even more important if we know that the number of trains on “Beovoz” tracks has been reduced this year. In 2005. there were 124 trains daily in operation, and this year’s number is 113, which is 11 trains less.

– The largest number of passengers was recorded in May, 389.753, and the smallest in February when only 292.272 passengers traveled by Beovoz – says Milošević. The Railways have earned the most on so-called “northern branch”, where the stations Karađorđe Park, Vuk Monument, Pančevo Bridge, Pančevo Town, Pančevo Main and Ovča are located.

However, only a small amount was earned on “eastern branch” with the stations from Beli Potok to Mala Krsna.

Milosevic says that the largest number of passengers has been recorded at the stations with ticket machines. Those are the stations Pančevo Main, Pančevo Bridge, than Karađorđe Park, Vuk Monument and Novi Beograd, where this year’s income was increased for four million Dinars, comparing to 2005.

– The analyses show that in the first six months of this year, reliability and regularity of trains was satisfactory, since the number of the trains cancelled was cut into half comparing to last year, and reduced into only five percent in regard to the number of trains planned by the timetable, – specified Milošević and added that the percent of delays is similar to last year’s, heading around 12 minutes in departure and 10 minutes during the running.

At the same time, Milošević announces that Serbian Railways will soon introduce higher penalties for the passengers without train tickets.

– At the end I want to emphasize that in 2006, after long period of time, “Beovoz” functions and manages without financing and subsidies of the City of Belgrade, – concluded Milošević.