JSC Serbian Railways


High temperatures do not jeopardize operating safety

Although the fact is that in the conditions of extremely high temperatures during summer, tracks may distort, operating safety will not be jeopardized – stated Vladimir Radovic, Director of Infrastructure Division.

According to his words, due to high temperatures, railway experts consider distortion of one rail, distortion of the entire track.

When air temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius, rail temperature could be over 60 degrees. The consequence is track distortion.

Railway tracks are being constantly supervised, while locomotive drivers are being extremely cautious during the ride.

The moment we get such information, civil engineering teams are ready to react, and the train is being stopped or decelerated, depending on situation – said Radovic, and emphasized that Serbian Railways’ experts know precisely where the critical spots of track distortion are located. Therefore, during summer, in order to preserve operation safety, restricted-speed running is very common.

Director of Infrastructure Division explains that, according to railway regulations, drivers have to follow certain orders and working timetable, containing also running speed instructions. In addition, they have to pass medical examination before entering the locomotive.

In the past few years, Serbian Railways modernized dozens of locomotives. Drivers’ cabins have been air-conditioned, what brings us to the conclusion that working conditions have been significantly improved.