JSC Serbian Railways


From today “Serbian Railways” operate to Zvečane, as well

Milanko Šarančić, Director General of “Serbian Railways”, said that today train came from the region of southern province to Zvečane.

“When we determine state of our tracks and precise timetable of the traffic, we will establish our line and enable to the passengers to use services with the staff and equipment which are managed by “Serbian Railway”, specified Šarančić and stated that it is about circular route in the length of approximately 60 kilometers, from the station in Leško to the station in Zvečane.

According to his opinion “Serbian Railways” today exercise the right to manage with the property on the northern part of Kosovo and Metohija within UNMIK railways, and according to the UN resolution 1244.

“Residents of the northern part of Kosovo and Metohija demanded return of authorities under our railway in the northern part of Kosovo, and we have accomplished that, said Šarančić and estimated that in future, if UNMIK would not make problems, the intention of “Serbian Railways” is to establish freight traffic, also, which is the next step.
“This is the first lunge in establishing of the traffic on Kosovo since UNMIK took the governance under this territory, but not the last one, because the intention is to expand the traffic on the territory of the southern province”, said Šarančić.

He said that “Serbian Railways” dispose with 330 kilometers of the total length of the tracks on Kosovo and Metohija, with considerable number of freight cars and coaches, locomotives, stations and other railway objects.

“We invested a lot in this area, and during last year only “Serbian Railways” settled the debt of € 4,5 million, emphasized Šarančić and estimated that it is natural for “Serbian Railways” that they should manage with theirs possessions in southern Serbian province.

The first man of “Serbian Railways” announced that, at first, two passenger units will operate to Zvečane, but he emphasized that it is planed, in perspective, to increase this number.
“We consider introducing the line that would operate from Kraljevo, through Raška, Leška and back”, said Šarančić.