JSC Serbian Railways


From sustainable transport to significant development

This year’s finales will overcome all the expectations, since we have transported 13,9 million tones of goods, and therefore earned approximately nine billion dinars. The revenue is 29 percent higher than the same period last year, and 18 percent more than planed. We didn’t expect these financial effects till 2009 – said Director General of Serbian Railways, Milanko Sarancic at the press conference, traditionally held before New Year’s holidays.

Sarancic said that even the statistics on passenger traffic are encouraging, given that 14 million passengers have been transported by the railways, and the income obtained from tickets was 1,6 billion dinars.

– We are very pleased with the fact that both economy and the passengers are significantly turning to the railways, but at the same time unpleased with the number of wagons and locomotives in our rolling stock fleet. In order to fulfill all the requests of economy, our income should be increased for 26,5 million EUR, – emphasized Sarancic and added – our plan for the next year is to procure 1100 freight cars, and the tender documentation is being prepared, while another 600 will be sent to overhaul. The same plans stand for passenger and sleeping cars.
On this occasion Director General stated that the railways made an excellent business move providing 10 diesel-multiple unit sets Sweden made, because those sets improved the service in Zajecar and Kraljevo regions, and also achieved great fuel savings. Thus, even now we can surely say that famous “Swedes” will pay themselves off before we start paying this credit line, specified Sarancic.

– That was the main precondition for our Management to plan the priority provision of 10 more diesel sets for the next year. We have the same experience with the procurement of Czech shunting locomotives, and there is no doubt that we will commence legal procedure for the provision of ten more locomotives of that type next year, said Director General.
Sarancic emphasized that from the Spanish loan of 32,5 million EUR they would significantly renew passenger service, so the customers on domestic and international lines would have the opportunity to enjoy at comfortable wagons of I and II class, couchette and sleeping cars.
He highlighted that certain texts in daily newspapers on the displacement of future central railway station “Prokop” were not truthful.
– The articles saying that Prokop will be built in Novi Beograd are not true. The station will be constructed at the site predefined in the agreement with the international company “Trigranit” – specified Sarancic.