JSC Serbian Railways


Freight traffic via Bogojevski bridge operates again

Regular freight traffic via Bogojevski bridge on Danube, between Bogojevo and Erdut, after seventeen years is reopened again today.

The railway composition, composed of 25 freight wagons, that transports artificial fertilizer from Kutina, near Zagreb, to Šebešić, near Subotica, came from Croatioa to Serbia, via Bogojevski bridge, this morning.

During the next days new railway compositions for freight traffic, between Serbia and Croatia via Bogojevski bridge are expected, and transporters are interested for this relation.

Railway bridge on Danube, between Bogojevo and Erdut, 620 meters long, was rebuilt in December 2006, after it had been widely damaged during bombing in 1999. The rebuilding of the bridge was financed with donations from Belgium and Norway, with two hundred thousand euros each, and the remaining amount of three hundred nine thousand euros was provided by Government of the Republic of Serbia.