JSC Serbian Railways


First meeting of Expert Working Group on Development of Corridor 10 held

For the reconstruction and modernization of 770km of railway line on Corridor 10 through Serbia is necessary about €4,6 billion. That includes double-track line construction for freight and passenger traffic and for the speed of 160km per hour. The whole construction work could be realized in two phases. In the first phase, railway line in the north of Nis should be modernized, and in the second phase double-track and electrified line from Nis to Dimitrovgrad and Presevo- explained today Director General of “Serbian Railways”, Milovan Markovic, in Beograd, at the commencement of the meeting of International Expert Working Group on development of Corridor 10.

Mr. Markovic pointed out that 2 construction sites are opened on the railway Corridor 10 through Serbia: the €9 million bridge over Velika Morava on highway to Nis, Jovac-Cuprija, that should be completed in 18 months, and the €45,3 million “Zezelj bridge” in Novi Sad, that should be completed in 32 months.

– By the end of the year, we expect tender announcement for the construction of 10km of new railway line near Paracin, and 18km of another track on railway line Stalac-Djunis, the only single-track line between Beograd and Nis. We also expect fulfillment of contract on electrification and modernization of the railway line Nis-Dimitrovgrad, as the only not electrified route left on Corridor 10 in Serbia. According to our estimation, for the realization of this work project is necessary about €120 million, and bearing in mind that the negotiations with the Czech export-bank are in the final phase, we could say that the bank would provide a loan. Furthermore, we anticipate loan from the European Investment Bank for modernization and construction of double-track line between Stara Pazova-Novi Sad, and the value of the whole project is €340 million. Additionally, there are negotiations on Russian government loan for Belgrade railway junction, Bar railway line and construction of the railway line Valjevo-Loznica, beside that, there are Kuwait government loan, €45 million German loan for modernization and electrification of railway line Pancevo-Vrsac-border-said Mr. Markovic.

He explained that “Serbian Railways” are obligated to initiate development projects on Corridor 10, and for that reason, they are fully supported by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy of the Republic of Serbia, but in order to make common development and economical instrests and to increase passenger and freight transport efficiency and quality on this route, cooperation of all railway managements on Corridor is essential.

Dejan Lasica, Assistant Minister of Infrastructure, said that customs and border procedures could be simplified with minimal amount of money and investment, what would significantly reduce train delay and make railway transport markedly better and faster, and as an example he mentioned cooperation of Serbia and Bulgaria on this field.

Predrag Jankovic, Deputy Director General for Infrastructure and Operations, presented to all meeting participants current condition and future activities of “Serbian Railways” on Corridor 10.
The host and organizer of this reunion was Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy of the Republic of Serbia, and expert teams and delegations of Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Croatia, Turkey, Slovenia and Serbia were also among the participants.

During the whole day meeting, Expert Working Group on Infrastructure field presented development plans for Corridor 10 in each country, regarding technical characteristics, and made suggestions for future actions, so that big investments can provide high level of services for customers. Beside plans and activities for removal and simplification of administrative, customs and other organizational procedures of each country, activities on securing financial assets in European institutions and IPA fund (Instrument for pre-accession assistance) for better infrastructure quality in all countries on Corridor were also discussed.