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First international truck carrying train through Serbia

Special international railway composition for truck transport, famous “Ro-La” Train, tomorrow, for the first time operates on Serbian railways, – they said today in Freight Transport Department of “Serbian Railways” in their statement for Media Center.
Truck carrying “Ro-La” Train, operating from Turkish town Halkali to Austrian town Vels, on Saturday, 23rd September runs on the rails of Corridor 10 through Serbia.

“Serbian Railways” will be transporting the composition several hundred meters long, with 20 special wagons carrying 20 trucks.

From Turkey to Austria the train set will run 2000 meters distance, which is currently the longest railway path in Europe, regarding direct freight trains.

Modernization of railway infrastructure on Corridor 10 in Serbia, particularly repair of the tunnel on the line Nis-Dimitrovgrad, financed by international credits, enabled “Serbian Railways” to transport this kind of train for the first time. Previous condition of the line and size of the tunnel weren’t suitable for “Ro-La” Train.

Till the end of 2006, every week a pair “Ro-La” trains will operate through Serbia, and after certain analysis of demand and effects achieved, Serbian Railways will determine the transport organization for 2007 with other European railway enterprises.

Beside significant income for Serbian railways, and promotion effects in freight traffic, “Ro-La” trains also represent a common business activity of European railway enterprises, with the aim to obtain better position on transport market, particularly comparing railway to road operators.