JSC Serbian Railways


Extraordinary trains are introduced whereas there are more regular trains due to EXIT musical event

“Serbian Railways” shall introduce extraordinary train which will depart from Novi Sad every day at 5.06 a.m. and run via Petrovaradin and Inđija to Pančevo Vojlovica in the period between 10 -13. July 2009, due to the occasion of musical event EXIT. With additional cars, the number of regular passenger trains will be increased on the routes from and to Novi Sad – Passenger Service Department has announced today to Media Centar.

A greater number of regular trains shall run in the afternoon and evening hours from Belgrade and Subotica to Novi Sad, with return journey from Novi Sad in early morning hours, which will surely suit EXIT visitors.

Thus, visitors of EXIT could be carried from Belgrade to Novi Sad by regular trains at: 04.36p.m., 06.35p.m., 08.35p.m., 09.20p.m. and 10.55p.m. Departures from Novi Sad to capital are at: 4.50a.m., 06.10a.m., 07.28a.m. and 07.49 a.m.

On the route Subotica – Novi Sad, according to train timetable, following trains shall run at: 01.00p.m., 02.22p.m., 05.00p.m., 06.40p.m., 07.21p.m. Regular departures are at passengers’ disposal from Novi Sad to Subotica at: 05.09a.m., 07.38a.m., 09.04a.m. and 10.52 p.m