JSC Serbian Railways


Exclusive offer of Serbian Railways: by Tito’s salon-wagon between Belgrade and Bar everyday

“Serbian Railways” included transport by exclusive salon wagon on relation Belgrade-Bar-Belgrade in their offer.

The salon-wagon, the part of famous Tito’s Blue train, runs within the composition of “Lovćen” everyday, which departs from Belgrade railway station at 10.10 P.M and from Bar at 9.05 P.M.

Transport in the one way at double sleeping car amounts to 56.40€ and the price includes the ticket of the second class of 26.40 € and the fee for sleeping accommodation which costs 30 €.

The ticket price in one way for single sleeping car is 99.60 €. This price includes the ticket of the first class of 39.60 € and sleeping car accommodation ticket of 60 €.

Within this exclusive salon wagon, just five, six cabins are available for passengers. The tickets for four cabins will be available two months before the journey day, whereas the reservations for remaining cabins can be bought on the journey day.