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“Eurofima“approved CHF 43 million to “Serbian Railways” for new diesel-engine trains

-International railway bank “Eurofima“approved CHF 43 million to Serbian Railways for procurement of new diesel-engine trains. The exact number of diesel-engine sets, which Serbian Railways will procure thanks to these funds, will be known only after finalization of overall envisaged tender procedure; however it is estimated that the passenger rolling stock of our company will be richer for ten or so such trains. – Media Center of Serbian Railways received this information today from the Investment Department.

The Executive Board of Director General of Serbian Railways has already reached appropriate decision, and the Management Board is expected to do the same. The preparation of tender documents has already started, and it is estimated in the Expert services of Serbian Railways that the entire procedure, including the signing of the Contract with the most suitable Tenderer, can be terminated by the end of 2009.

– It means, that, according to estimations, by the end of 2010, i.e. not later than the middle of 2011, ten new diesel-engine trains will run on Serbian lines, -as explained in the Investment Department of “Serbian Railways “.

At the session of the Eurofima Management Board, at which Director General Milovan Marković attended with his associates, this international financial institution has decided to approve funds to our company for procurement of new rolling stock. “Serbian Railways” is the only railway administration in the region to which Eurofima has approved funds for procurement of new trains.
Regarding the fact that Serbian Railways applied for the amount of total CHF 60 million, there is a possibility that in the forthcoming period, the remaining sum of CHF 17 million shall be approved to Serbian Railways for procurement of the additional number of diesel-engine sets.

These funds are estimated to be sufficient for the procurement of four train sets more, which implies that total number of fourteen new diesel-engine trains could be found on Serbian lines not later than in one year and a half.