JSC Serbian Railways


Enterprise “Serbian Railways” is not the founder of the Railways’ cooperative

“Serbian Railways” have no base means, real estates or movable property within the property of the “Railways’ saving-credit cooperative”.

The railways haven’t got any of their capital in the properties of the “Railways’ saving-credit cooperative”, nor the cooperative is an independent enterprise, which is a “daughter-company” of Serbian Railways.

Between “Serbian Railways” and the Cooperative there is no mutual financial claim or obligation, and the Railways have nothing to do with organizational and personnel issues at the Cooperative.

Furthermore, “Serbian Railways” have no official information on current activities of Railways’ saving-credit cooperative.

The Railways’ saving-credit cooperative contains the prefix “railway” because railway workers were the majority at the time of foundation a hundred years ago. However, in the past few decades the structure of its membership changed. Today, a great number of cooperative members have nothing to do with the railways.

The cooperative has its own normative acts and management bodies, elected in accordance with determined regulation.
“Serbian Railways” do not affect the current activities at the Railways’ saving-credit cooperative, nor they have the rights to it.