JSC Serbian Railways


Electrification and renovation of Railway Center Kraljevo

“Serbian Railways” General Manager, Milanko Sarancic visited the construction sites in Mataruska Banja and Vrnjacka Banja. On that occasion he spoke with media representatives explaining them that restoration and reconstruction of one of the oldest railway stations in Vrnjacka Banja was very important. After the renovation, the station will become one of tourist sites in this town.

“Serbian Railways” have invested 13 million Dinars in the reconstruction of Vrnjacka Banja Railway Station, and another 12 millions for civil works in Mataruska Banja Station.

General Manager of Serbian railways opened for traffic one level crossing in Kraljevo. Total amount invested in these civil-engineering works was 12 million Dinars, provided by Serbian Ministry of Capital Investment.
Sarancic reminded that most of the accidents during the year happen exactly on level crossings, mostly due to the negligence of third persons. Therefore, “Serbian Railways” are starting the project of modernization of all the critical spots on level crossings.

In Kraljevo Railway center two level crossings have been reconstructed so far, while the third one will be finished soon. This will create conditions for the safe traffic operation.

Sarancic also pointed to the finalization of electrification works on the line Cacak-Kraljevo, continuance of electrification on the line towards Stalac and Lapovo, as well as to the complete reconstruction and adaptation of Kraljevo Railway Station.

The railways are currently investing over 50 million Dinars in Kraljevo Railway Center, while the total amount for electrification and reconstruction works within the entire Center will be approximately 250 millions.