JSC Serbian Railways


Despite arguments the joint position was not reached

Milanko Šarančić, Director General of “Serbian Railways”, said that after discussion with the representatives of UNMIK, a joint position concerning the remising of absolute right of railways of Serbia, for organizing the traffic on the north part of Kosovo and Metohija, has not been reached, until today.

Following all events within past few days and decision of “Serbian Railways” to take over the authority over the railway infrastructure on the north part of Kosovo and Metohija, on UNMIK inicitiative, a meeting concerning the traffic organization in this part of Serbia was organized, in Belgrade today.

“After responsible persons of UNMIK were introduced with our arguments, it is our realistic expectation for “Serbian Railways” to realize the total right of organizing the traffic and managing of the railway property on this territory, because all the arguments speak in favour of tha”, Šarančić stated.

According to his words “Serbian Railways” possess all formal, legal and substantial reasons for that, as well as the request of 466 of our employees on Kosovo and Metohija, all the Serbs from the north of Kosovo and Metohija, and authorities on northern Kosovska Mitrovica, having in mind especially, that we have so far respected the Resolution 1244 and Temporary Agreement with UNMIK in entirety.

“All of our 466 employees in the southern Serbian province terminated their contractual obligations with UNMIK and signed contracts of employment with “Serbian Railways”, Šarančić pointed out.
“We stated all the arguments why we should organize the traffic on the north of Kosovo and Metohija and there were no real, valid arguments why we should not do so”, said the General Director of “Serbian Railway” and stated that this position suits no one. “That is why we are expecting the final position of UNMIK management very soon, which will enable us, after taking over of authority over the railway infrastructure, to organize traffic on the north of Kosovo and Metohija” , he said.

According to his opinion, by organizing the traffic on this territory we would make a significant step forward, because we would offer new, better passenger transport, and not only for the Serbs but for all the citizens, we would enable better connecting of people on Kosovo and Metohija as well as bringing life to normal in this Serbian province.

“Beside that, it would be enabled for the railways to realize the increasing demand for cargo transport on this territory”, Šarančić specified.

He said that the organization of the railway traffic on the south of Kosovo and Metohija was not discussed on today’s meeting with the representatives of UNMIK.

“Serbian Railways” are ready to organize the traffic in the northern part of Kosovo and Metohija right after the complete inspection of tracks on this territory”, Šarančić declared categorically.