JSC Serbian Railways


Czech donation in the amount of one million € for new ten level crossings provided

-“Serbian Railways” received donation in the amount of one million € from Czech Development Agency. Thanks to the mentioned donation, ten level crossings in the country will be modernized and provided by up-to-date electronic equipment, with the view to increasing traffic safety. The Czech Development Agency will fund the delivery and installation of electronic system for level crossings safety, while Serbian Railways will fund construction works necessary for installing these safety systems. Until the end of this year, the Czech will deliver electronic equipment for four level crossings in Serbia, – Milovan Marković, Director General of “Serbian Railways”, have stated today.

Until the end 2009, Czech Development Agency will deliver the electronic equipment for four level crossings to Serbian Railways, as follows: Level crossings “Čapljinac” and “Neradovac” on the Niš –Ristovac line, level crossing “Stražara 44” on the Subotica Orom-(Senta) line and level crossing “Atenica” on the Zablaće- Čačak line.

In the following two years, during 2010 and 2011, six level crossings in Serbia will be rehabilitated and modernized, and by the end of December, partners from Czech and Serbia will define locations where it will be performed.

– The donation is provided thanks to Memorandum of Understanding between Czech Development Agency and Ministry of Infrastructure of the Republic of Serbia, by which the cooperation on the development of the Project “Rehabilitation and Modernization of level crossings, for improved railway and road transport” is confirmed. This represents the continuation of official cooperation in terms of development between Czech and Serbia, – Milovan Marković said.

In the following period Czech Development Agency shall provide, on the basis of technical specifications which will be submitted by Serbian Railways, in the tendering process, the delivery and installation of complete interior electronic devices with all accompanying equipment, as well as the funds for financing this project. “Serbian Railways” is obliged to finance the installation of modern systems for level crossings safety in tendering process, so that the works should be finished according to the schedule which will be established by the project documentation.

Taking into account that it comes to goods donation, electronic equipment for level crossings from Czech will be discharged from VAT, customs duties and other charges and taxes relating to import.