JSC Serbian Railways


Complete the first phase of Intranet network construction

– Experts from Information Systems and Technologies Department of Serbian Railways have finalized the construction of Intranet network, covering now the entire Serbian territory. The network connects over 1.500 PCs and servers, – they said at Information Systems and Technologies Department in their statement for Media Center of Serbian Railways.

The project has successfully been finalized thanks to the donation of Canadian Government of two million euros, intended for the modernization of information system at Serbian Railways, obtained in 2005.

Intranet enables to huge number of railway employees the access to certain information as: continuous supervision of trains (time table), supervision of freight trains and goods, ticket sales in passenger transport, seat reservation, service sales in freight transport, turnover, financial accounting, material accounting, investment supervision, stock supervision, salary accounting, personnel information system etc. Certain number of employees has also got an e-mail address and Internet Web access, if necessary for their job.

– The network has an integrated Access server, with 16 access telephone numbers, enabling the users from the entire Serbian territory to access the programs and services of Intranet by a telephone connection, – they stated.

One of the applications of Intranet at “Serbian Railways” consists of the possibility to connect our network to the networks of nearby railway enterprises, in order to achieve better data exchange on passenger and freight movements. Till now, such connection has been made with Hungarian and Bulgarian Railways, and we are currently negotiating cooperation with Croatian and Macedonian railway enterprises, which is one of main conditions for delay reduction on Corridor 10. That kind of network permits connection to other railway companies in Europe, making possible to obtain international data exchange on the projects under way.

Intranet is also ready for POS Terminal installation, enabling customers to pay for our services using credit cards.