JSC Serbian Railways


Coming up the development of South Banat Railways

Representatives of eight local communities of South Banat Region will finance pilot project for the development of railway traffic in this region. At the formal meeting in Bela Crkva City Hall, attended by the representatives of Ministry of Capital Investment, Serbian Railways and local entrepreneurs, it was emphasized that in the future the priority would be to pay better attention to railway traffic as a key element of economic development in this region.

The Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering from Belgrade will design feasibility study, while the expert dimension of sustainable railway transport will be given by “Serbian Railways”, with the accordance from the Republic Ministry of Capital Investment.

As evaluated by the participants of this “mini summit”, the project will serve as a good example of co-operation with local authorities in the revitalization process of railway lines in Serbia.

Another conclusion is that the repair of railway lines in South Banat has an economic justification in the fact that those are close to the border with Romania, meaning that we have great opportunities to improve our economic cooperation and railway freight transport.