JSC Serbian Railways


Changes to the International Traffic from August 8 to 13

Due to the infrastructure works at the Resnik station, from August 8 to 10, 2018 the organization of international traffic on the Belgrade-Bar and Belgrade – Nis route has been changed.

The train from Bar (08:20 hours) to Topčider, from August 8 -10, runs from Montenegro only to Lazarevac, and the railway company “Srbija voz” organizes bus transport from Lazarevac to Topčider, and from there on, they will continue the journey by train.

Evening trains from Bar (19:00) to Topčider, from August 7-9, as well as from Topčider for Bar at 21:21 will use auxiliary transport route through Male Krsna, Lapovo, Kraljevo, and Uzice. That route will also be used by international trains to Thessaloniki and Sofia.