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Bridge on Danube near Bogojevo opens for traffic

Railway bridge on Danube between Bogojevo and Erdut, was opened today for traffic by the Minister of Capital Investment Velimir Ilic and Croatian State Secretary Zdravko Livakovic.

Minister Ilic emphasized that the finish of bridge repair represents an example of how to manage a complex project through a good co-operation of two Governments. He added that it was a proof that we wish for good relations with Croatia.

The bridge was opened in the presence of Croatian Ambassador in Serbia, and Serbian Ambassador in Croatia as well, along with the Ambassadors of Belgium and Norway from both countries. On that occasion the Director General of Serbian Railways, Milanko Sarancic said:

-The bridge is completely ready for freight traffic on the section Subotica-Bogojevo-Vinkovci, while passenger service will begin with the Timetable 2007/2008.

Croatian State Secretary Zdravko Livakovic specified that opening of the bridge was very important for overall cooperation of two countries and the people living there.

Overhaul of the bridge damaged in bombing on April 5 1999, lasted from June till December 8 2006, when the operation permission has been obtained. Entire project cost 709.000 EUR, where the donations of the Kingdom of Norway and The Kingdom of Belgium were 200.000 each, while the residue of 309.000 EUR was procured by the Government of Serbia, to be precise the Ministry of Capital Investment. The project was designed by the Institute of Transportation CIP, and the contractor was “Mostogradnja” Civil-Engineering Company.