JSC Serbian Railways


Application of “Optimus” Information System on Corridor 10 till the end of 2007

– Till the end of 2007 starts the application of “Optimus” Information System on Corridor 10. That was determined by the Memorandum of Understanding and improvement of “Serbian Railways” railway traffic till 2007, signed by the Republic ministry of Capital Investment and Swiss Ministry of Economic Affairs, – said the Assistant Minister of Capital Investment, Dejan Lasica, in his statement for Media Center of Serbian Railways.

“Optimus” Information System enables the supervision of current condition and changes on infrastructure, design and updating of timetable and other activities which directly effect on the increase of safety, reduce delays and more rational functioning of the railway.

Completion of “Optimus” project started in 2003. The value of this project is approximately 3,6 million Swiss Francs, of which the half has been provided as donation by the Swiss Ministry of Economic Affairs, while the rest of it is being provided intentionally. Only during last year, 19 million Dinars of donations have been invested in the project.

– In the Ministry of Capital Investment they have started the project “Building of institutional capacities in Serbian transport section”. This project is being financed by European Commission, through the European Agency for Reconstruction, and realized by the Consortium of AF Groups from Sweden and TSA from Austria. One of the aims of the project is to design “Strategy and development policy of transport section in Serbia”, where railway traffic is of great importance. This document has been forwarded to public discussion, as one of the most important documents, which will be brought by the Ministry of Capital Investment, and is expected to be adopted by the Government till the end of year, – specified Lasica.

Lasica also reminded that Republic Ministry of Capital Investment initiated and carried out the activities on the reconciliation of bilateral agreements on combined transport and logistic services with Bulgaria, Croatia and Hungary, and that the same will be completed with Slovakia, with final aim to achieve certain agreements with all European countries, especially those on Corridors 10 and 8.

With these bilateral arrangements, as Lasica specifies, the regulations of European Agreement on important lines of combined transport and additional plants will be defined, which is precondition of transport development in these two countries. Realization of such agreements should contribute to more quality and better international trade of goods, easier resolving of problems in international transport, maximum preservation of the environment, reduced layover in border stations till 30 minutes, as well to the investments in railway infrastructure, intermodal terminals and ports.