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Anniversary of railway line Belgrade-Bar

Today on May 28, railway line from Belgrade to Bar, one of the most beautiful and at the same time the most difficult railway lines in Europe, is celebrating its 31st anniversary.

Construction works were commenced after the adoption of SFRJ law in 1966, but after the law was withdrawn in 1971, the construction has been overtaken separately by Serbia and Montenegro.

Construction works were finalized on 27th of November 1975 with the connection of railway tracks, ten kilometers south from Kolasin.

The line is 476 kilometers long, and runs through three states: Serbia, Republic of Srpska (9 kilometers) and Montenegro. Border station between Serbia and Montenegro is Vrbnica.

There are 250 tunnels built on the line Belgrade-Bar, with the total length of 115 kilometers. The longest one is “Sozina” (6.170 meters). There are also 206 concrete and 28 steel bridges, 15 kilometers long. The one over Mala Rijeka is the highest bridge in Europe, 200 meters high and 500 meters long.

The first passenger on this railway line was the former president of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito, traveling in “Blue Train” to Bar with his wife and associates.

Nowadays, approximately 12 passenger trains operate daily on this railway line; in the period from January till March this year, Serbian Railways have sold 48 thousand train tickets.

Last year 8100 trains operated on the line Belgrade-Bar, carrying 750 thousand passengers.

In the past several years Serbian Railways have reconstructed and modernized certain railway sections, providing so better flow of passenger and freight train sets.