JSC Serbian Railways


After eighteen years, from Tuesday June 12th, starts re-establishment of the Vršac- Temišvar traffic

As of Tuesday June 12, the trains between Vršac and Temisvar are again introduced in the regular passenger traffic. By the end of validity period for the current timetable, i.e. until the December 8, 2012 there will be two trains on a daily basis between Vršac and Temišvar. From Vršac to Temisvar, trains will departure at 7:10 and 18:20, while from Temišvar to Vršac (according to Serbian time) will departure at 4:40 and 15:45 sati. Passengers from these trains will have good rail links to further journey towards Belgrade and Bucharest.

Passenger rail service on this route will be organized with the modern DMUs “Desiro 642” from Romanian Railways and it will represent high quality, fast comfort, and cheep offer for the travel on this route.

The establishment of railway traffic between Vršac and Temišvar will greatly contribute development of the economical, social, cultural and overall cross-border and inter-state cooperation between these regions.

Representatives of the two railways agreed upon efficient performance of custom formalities, and the price of transportation is, with the use of special benefits in one direction, less than 4 euro, so railway traffic between Vršac and Temišvar will be the most competitive mode of transport in this route.

The regular ticket price from Vršac to Temišvar in one direction is 5 euro (in RSD), and with annual identification card RAIL PLUS the price is 3,80 euro in RSD.

The annual pass RAIL PLUS is issued by “Serbian Railways” on their counters, along with one photo and personal identification cart for inspection. The price of this card is 10 euro for persons younger than 26 years and older than 60, and it is 15 euro for everyone else in RSD and it allows discount of 25% compared to price in international traffic.