JSC Serbian Railways


A train of „Serbian Railways“ arrived to Zvečan today

“Today, on the 12 of March, in the morning hours, “Serbian Railways” have, for the first time after nine years, established the railway traffic from Kraljevo, over the station Lešak, to Zvečan”, said Milanko Šarančić, Director General of “Serbian Railways”.

According to his words, there were sixteen freight wagons, with goods from Hungary for southern part of Kosovo and Metohija, and two passenger coaches, in the composition of the “Serbian Railways” train.

The train arrived to Zvečan in accordance with the timetable, from Kraljevo, over Lešak.

“On their way back, passenger coaches departed from Zvečan in accordance with the timetable, and the remaining freight part of the composition is in the station Zvečan, waiting for UNMIK to organize its further transport towards the south of the Serbian province”, Šarančić stated.

He particularly emphasized that “Serbian Railways” organized the traffic from Kraljevo to Zvečan without any problems and with full transport safety.