JSC Serbian Railways


65 new wagons for freight traffic came from Romania

– During little less that two months, “Serbian Railways” took over 65 new wagons for freight traffic from Romanian firm “IRS”, and during the next few days we are expecting the arrival of fifteen more wagons, said the Director of the Department for the investments of the traffic Nikola Tojagić.

The delivery of the new wagons for freight traffic from Romania is performed in accordance with the Contract, and according to the firm statements by the manufacturer, all 770 new wagons for freight traffic will come to Serbia by the end of this year, as it was planned.

“Serbian Railways” bought 770 new wagons for freight traffic from the Romanian firm “IRS”, owing to the credit of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in the amount of the 57 milions of euros. It is the first time after quartet of the century that “Serbian Railways” bought new wagons.

The first fifteen wagons came from Romania on May the 9th, this year.

To remind, we are talking about open wagons on 4 axles Eanoss type, meant primarily for the transport of the goods, which do not need protection from the atmospheric influences. It is the most wanted type of the wagons for the freight traffic on the market in the whole Europe, and “Serbian Railways” will use them primarily for international traffic.

With good exploitation they will be paid off during next six years, and with the regular maintenance they will be operational during the next four decades, the least.

“Serbian Railways” daily miss between 500 and 600 wagons for the freight traffic of this type, in order to completely satisfy the economy needs for the goods transport.