JSC Serbian Railways


25 level crossings will be protected by modern equipment

“Serbian Railways” have already implemented and opened two level crossings, of the total number of 25 planed by the Management Board Decision for this year, – they said today at Transport Department in their statement for Media Center.

Value of this investment in level crossings is approximately five million Euros.

They have opened for traffic the level crossings in Kraljevo railway center, while the one in Mataruska Banja, outfitted with the most recent equipment, should be opened in February.

Level crossings in Bajmok, Negotin and Raska are still the object of a tender procedure, and for the other two in Kragujevac technical documentation is in the phase of preparation.

The statistics show that most of the accidents occur exactly on level crossings, mainly caused by the drivers of passenger vehicles. Therefore, “Serbian Railways” are undertaking activities to increase traffic safety at “critical spots”.

This year, the most recent equipment with automatic barriers will be used for the protection of level crossings on the lines Stalac-Kraljevo-Pozega, Crveni Krst-Prahovo Port, Nis-Dimitrovgrad, Subotica-Horgos, Sabac-Zvornik and other lines with the highest percentage of accidents recorded.

Along with modernization of 25 level crossings, the Railways are collecting documentation for another 100 critical spots. If local authorities show interest in investing in it, the railways will commence the project.

Along 5.500 kilometers of railway lines and station tracks in Serbia, there are 2.354 level crossings. From that total number, every fifth level crossing is equipped with signal-safety devices. Other level crossings are marked by road signals, “Andrea Cross” and “Stop”.