JSC Serbian Railways


16.30 h – After Reparation of Some Damaged Railway Sections Few Local Passenger Trains Run Again, International Trains Coming From South Run Only to Niš

(Sunday, May, 18, 2014, at 16.30 pm)

There are more railway lines on which regular and safe passenger traffic is back to normal, today, on Sunday, May 18, thanks to „Serbian Railways“ employees, who have worked very hard for two days in order to repair all damages and landslides caused by flood on great number of railway sections all over the country.

Starting from today, May 18, international trains from Thessaloniki, Skopje and Sofia will not run to Belgrade, but only to Niš and from Niš back. Due to the damages that are still to be repaired on Niš – Belgrade section, these trains will not run on this route.

Morning train between Belgrade and Bar run on Bar – Požega – Bar route, and will not run between Belgrade and Požega, because this section is still to be repaired. Due to this fact, night trains between Belgrade and Bar will not run until further notice.

International train on Belgrade – Zurich – Belgrade route runs only between Šid and Zurich, and for the passengers of this train bus transport from Šid to Belgrade is provided in both directions.