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Feel the breath of old times on “Sargan eight”


From Belgrad to Dubrovnik and Zelenika, on 760 mm narrow-gauge track, from 1925 to 1974, through tunnels, over the bridges and through mountain gorges, ran famous train “Cira”, leaving behind itself remarkable smell of steam locomotive smoke…

We have renewed this part of railway, which represents unique construction work, on the route from station Sargan Vitasi to Mokra Gora, and once again echoes the sound of the wagon and cheerful murmur of tourists on the train on famous “Sargan eight”.

From “Mokra gora” to “Sargan Vitasi” you will pass through 22 tunnels,over five bridges,and overcome the altitude difference of 300 meters, and all that on a total distance of 15,440 meters.

During your ride you will have an opportunity to see from one of five observation platforms all the beauty and richness of the nature of this region.




 APRIL 1 –  OCTOBER 31 2021


Mokra Gora (Departure)

Šargan Vitasi (Arrival – Departure)

Mokra Gora (Departure)

10:30 am 11:07 am –  11:29 am 13:58 pm

13:30 pm

14:07 pm – 14.29 pm

15:48 pm







* Additional train

Train tickets-route



between 6 and 14 years (RSD)

Mokra Gora – Šargan Vitasi – Mokra Gora



Children under the age of 6 travel for free.

Train tickets-routes

Train renting with diesel traction (RSD)

Train renting with steam traction (RSD)

Train renting for night journey (RSD)

Mokra gora – Šargan Vitasi – Mokra gora



Mokra gora – Jatare – Mokra gora 95.000

Regular trains can not be rented.

Reservation and information phone numbers for “Nostalgija” train:
Booking “Šarganska osmica”  Tel: +381 64 829-5784 ;  +381 64 829-5785,
e-mail: predrez@srbrail.rs; rezervacija.karata@srbrail.rs
Marketing service Telefax: +381 11 3616 811

e-mail: srbijavoz.marketing@srbrail.rs