JSC Serbian Railways


The Railway line Vranjska Banja – Ristovac opened for traffic in the presence of the Prime Minister Vučić

The reconstructed railway line Vranjska Banja – Ristovac, the length of 17,7 km on Corridor 10, was opened for traffic on March 2nd , 2017, in the presence of the Prime Minister Vučić. The train speed on this section, which is 50 km/h, will be increased to speed of 120 km/h. Works on that section are financed from the Russian Loan for modernization of Serbian railways, and the Prime Minister pointed out during the opening ceremony to our “Russian friends”, in Russian language, that two countries could continue the cooperation with more success.

The Serbian Prime Minister said that beside three southern sections: Vranjska Banja – Ristovac, Bujanovac- Bukarevac and Vinarci – Đorđevo, there are 80 km of railway tracks that are to be reconstructed, in order to increase the train speed on Corridor 10 up to 100km/h, so that Serbian railways could have a solid railway line as well as other European countries.

The reconstruction and modernization works on the three “southern” sections, the length of 46,5 km, on Railway Corridor 10 have started on April 18th, 2016, and the value of works is 30,4 million $. The other two sections are Bujanovac-Bukarevac, the length of 13,7 km, where the works are near completion, and Vinarci-Đorđevo, the length of 15 km, and the end of works is scheduled for early May 2017. RŽD International has implemented advanced Russian construction technology during the modernization of the sections. Subcontractors involved in this project are Serbian companies “ZGOP” Novi Sad, “Energoprojekt niskogradnja” Belgrade and “MBA Ratko Mitrović” Belgrade.

The opening ceremony of the reconstructed railway section in railway station Vranje was attended, beside the Prime Minister, also by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlović, the Russian Ambassador Aleksandar Cepurin, representatives of the Serbian railway companies, as well as by Director and first Deputy of RŽD International, branch in Serbia, Sergey Aleksejevich Pavlov i Mansurbek Sultanov.