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Serbian Railways intensify the traffic towards Novi Sad during the music festival “EXIT”

– During the music festival “EXIT” in Novi Sad, “Serbian Railways” will intensify the railway transport, introducing additional wagons and extra trains, having in mind the fact that there is a great interest of the visitors for this event. According to evaluations, Serbian Railways will transport around 10 thousand visitors of “Exit” music festival, – they said today at the Passenger Transport Department of Serbian Railways.

On Thursday, July 6, at 13.10, Museum train “Romantika”, leased by the organizers of the festival, will depart from the Belgrade Railway Station and transport the visitors.

From 6 till 9 of July, the train departing from Belgrade at 16.55 will have four additional second-class wagons, as well as the train departing from Novi Sad at 19.46.

Among the visitors of “EXIT”, the greatest interest will certainly be for an extra electric-train, departing from Novi Sad towards Belgrade, every day from 7th to 10th July, at 4.30, after the ending of their music program.

People organizing the festival “Exit” took care of the return journey from Novi Sad after the festival ends.

Therefore, on July 10 at 13.30 they will organize one departure of electric train from Novi Sad to Belgrade.

Railway enterprises from Hungary and Austria have shown great interest to intensify the railway transport towards Novi Sad during the festival. So the train departing from Budapest today will have three additional wagons, and in the next few days, in accordance with the demands of passengers, the composition of international trains will be settled with foreign railway companies.