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Serbian Railways employing domestic wagon factories

This year, Serbian Railways will largely employ domestic wagon-building factories, since they are planning to offer them a project of the overhaul of more than 2600 different wagons, said the Assistant Director of Train Traction Department, Milan Petkovic.

According to his words, Serbian Railways intend to overhaul 600 freight wagons in the first phase, and nearly 1800 freight guided vehicles and 275 passenger coaches.

– Approximately 150 freight cars, from the total of 600, have already been excluded from traffic, and will be sent to repair this month– specified Petkovic and explained that these are the wagons for the transport of grain, coal, balky goods, and bulk freight, precisely type of wagons which have been requested the most by domestic economy last year.
Petkovic said that Serbian Railways have signed all necessary documentation with several domestic wagon factories. Therefore, “Vagonka” from Nis took over the responsibility to carry out the capital repair of 150 freight wagons, the same as “Zelvoz” in Smederevo, “Bratstvo” in Subotica, while “Vagonogradnja” from Kraljevo will take 120 wagons and Workshop for guided vehicles in Cuprija 80 freight cars.
– If abovementioned factories obey the contracted obligations, then Serbian Railways will include the first 150 wagons in traffic in the next 30 days, and thus offer greater transport capacities to domestic economy.
Along with these 600 wagons, Serbian Railways expect the “Zelvoz” delivery of 65 modified open freight wagons, as well as the termination of the repair of 42 closed freight wagons, which will be financed by the clients, to be precise Serbian Railways business partners.
Petkovic emphasizes that they are currently doing an intensive work to prepare tender documentation for the repair of 1771 freight and 275 passenger cars, as well as for the modification of 35 car-carrier wagons, already projected by 2007 business plan.
However, Serbian Government will decide on this while adopting the plan documents of Serbian Railways for this year.