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“Serbian Railways” are ready for abolition of visa regime: 700 thousand passengers traveled by train international traffic

-“Serbian Railways”are ready for December 19, when the visa regime will be terminated and our citizens will be enabled to travel freely through European countries. In the year 2009, „Serbian Railways“transported about 700 thousand passengers in international traffic, and we expect that the liberalization of visa regime will significantly contribute to the increase of the number of passengers in our trains on international relations, during the period of upcoming Christmas and New Year’s Holidays, and especially in the following year – Media Center was told today at the “Serbian Railways” Passenger Service Department.

At the “Serbian Railways” Passenger Service Department they are pointing out that there are 42 trains daily on our lines in international traffic, and that it is highest quality segment of Passenger transport in “Serbian Railways”, when it comes to the quality of services, regularity and punctuality of the trains.

-Serbia is connected by direct railway connections with all of the most significant European tourist, traffic, economical and cultural metropoles: Munich, Budapest, Vienna, Zurich, Prague, Thessalonica, Kiev, Moscow, Sofia, Istanbul, Venice and Bucharest, as well as with Zagreb, Ljubljana, Skopje, Sarajevo and Podgorica. The passenger coaches of the highest quality operate on international relations, and since 2005, we were the only railway management in this region which committed itself to the Chart on quality in international traffic, which obliges us to the strict compliance with the time table, because otherwise we have to make the reimbursement to the passengers, up to 30% of the ticket price value, – they are pointing out at “Serbian Railways” Passenger Service Department.

“Serbian Railways” international traffic offer is certainly contributed by a large number of commercial concessions, which results in transport prices lower even down to 40 % compared to the regular train tickets. Above all, this refers to Inter Rail ticket, which is the most popular among the young people, and which enables the unlimited number of journeys on European rails within the defined time table. Beside that other popular concessions are: Rail Plus, City Star, Balcanflexipass, Munich Special, Vienna Special and others.Owing to these concessions the most favorable return ticket of the second class, costs, for example, 26 € to Budapest, about 155 € to Prague, about 142 € to Munich, 70 € to Vienna, 10 € to Venice, about 239 € to Zurich, about 68 € to Thessalonica, about 97 € to Istanbul, about 41€ to Sofia, 121€ to Kiev, 48 € to Bucharest, about 180 € to Moscow, and to Bratislava about 85 €. “Serbian Railways” realize half of their passenger transport revenues on international relations.

In the “Serbian Railways” Passenger Service Department they are announcing that, with their offer and quality service, they are completely ready for abolition of visa regime and the increased number of passengers in international trains.