JSC Serbian Railways


“Golden Bridge””award for Milankо Šarančić, Director General

Director General of Serbian Railways, Milankо Šarančić, M.Sc. received a prominent international award “Golden Bridge”, for development of economical co-operation in south-eastern Europe, awarded by regional chambers of commerce, on the 15th of November in Temishvar.

At the committal of the award, Šarančić pointed out that it was the award to Serbian Railways for everything it had done during this year in order to have faster and better traffic connections towards neighboring directions.

As he said, the series of projects had been done which significantly contributed to modernization of Serbian railways. The first task for the enterprise in the year that follows will be the increasing of speeds of lines to the projected level, with a view to avoiding of train delays.

“This year, we have done a lot in order to improve the speed of the traffic between borders, and we brought a number of decisions which should improve the speed of the traffic within Serbia. New projects and new investments are starting, Šarančić pointed out.

He announced that, in the year of 2008, many railway facilities would be renewed. He also reminded that the traffic was significantly sped up by the building of joint railway station in Dimitrovgrad, together with Bulgaria. The delay of trains due to the border procedures is reduced from 100 to 50 minutes in the passenger traffic, and from 300 to 140 minutes in freight traffic.

Šarančić announced that the intention of Serbian Railways was to make a connection in that way with other directions too, towards Hungary, Croatia, and especially on the Corridor X, towards Macedonia and Greece.