JSC Serbian Railways


Chinese Modern Technologies on Serbian Railways

Serbian Railways are interested in introducing of new systems and technologies in infrastructure modernization process, especially when it comes to telecommunication, which has very important roll in reliability of this traffic system. Modern Chinese technologies on Serbian railways could be successfully built in telecommunication network during modernization process on the route Šid – Niš, as well as in Belgrade railway junction. This kind of cooperation requires consent and decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, and if the budget state guarantees for the next year are received, project realization could be started in 2014. Serbian Railways expert services could do all necessary activities in next few months in order to establish further mutual cooperation.

This was concluded today in Belgrade, at the meeting held by “Serbian Railways” Director General Dragoljub Simonović and delegation of Chinese multinational company “Huawei technologies”, headed by Jack Wei, Board President of the company in Belgrade, who is also Board President of the company in Hungary at the same time i.e. for the whole Southeastern Europe.

-“Serbian Railways” are trying to create a good business environment for all companies that want to invest in modernization of this traffic system and in line with that is our interest to make cooperation with this, but also with other Chinese companies more qualitative and mutually successful, – said Director General Dragoljub Simonović to partners from China and asked them to become participants of the upcoming international business activities of Serbian Railways on “Šargan Eight”.

During the meeting, current activities were discussed as well as plans for intensifying this cooperation, and discussions with representatives of Chinese Exim Bank on possibilities for financing the project of modernization of Serbian Railways.

Chinese company “Huawei technologies” is one of the most powerful in the field of the modern technologies, especially when it comes to telecommunications. Company was founded in 1988 with only 20 employees, and today it is a multinational cooperation with more than 150 thousand workers of which nearly half is engaged in the Research and Development centre. Annual income of this company is around $40 billion. “Huawei” opened office in Belgrade in 2005 and today it employs approximately 80 workers and they also participated in numerous socially responsible campaigns in Serbia.