JSC Serbian Railways


Changes in the traffic of the international train “Balkan” on the route Belgrade – Sofia untill February 28th

The traffic of the international train “Balkan” on the route Belgrade – Sofia will be temporary changed until February 28th. The train will not operate between Niš-Dimitrovgrad during this period of time, so the passenger transport will be performed with transfers in Niš and Dimitrovgrad – announced the Company for passenger railway transport “Srbija Voz”.


The train will departure from Belgrade according the time table at 09:25h and will arrive in Niš. On the route Niš – Dimitrovgrad the train will not operate, and the passengers can continue their trip from Dimitrovgrad to Sofia at 17:18 h.


The train from Sofia will departure at 9:40 h and it will operate only to Dimitrovgrad. The departure of this train from Niš to Belgrade is at 14:08 h.


Passengers travelling from Belgrade to Sofia and from Sofia to Belgrade can travel with transfers at the stations Niš and Dimitrovgrad.


Departure from Belgrade to Niš is at 06:20 h, and from Niš to Dimitrovgrad at 11:15 h. From Dimitrovgrad to Sofia the passengers will continue the trip by regular train departing at 17:18 h. For the passengers travelling from Sofia to Belgrade, the transfer is in Dimitrovgrad, where they have departure to Niš at 11:23 h, and from Niš to Belgrade at 16:57 h.