JSC Serbian Railways


Application of Charter on the Quality in International Passenger Transport in 2006

– In accordance with the Charter on the Quality in International Passenger Transport, eighty passengers have contacted Serbian Railways for partial compensation of ticket price, while 400 of them used the possibility of overnight accommodation, in the past twelve months, – that stated today at Passengers Transport Department.

Last year “Serbian Railways” paid back approximately 100 thousand Dinars, while accommodation expenses in railway objects Belgrade, caused by the delays of international trains through our country, reached 400 thousand Dinars.
Charter on International Passenger Traffic of ‘Serbian Railways” projects that, in case of delays on the territory of Serbian railways longer than one hour, passengers with appropriate train ticket get compensated 20 percents of ticket price, and in the case when delay is longer than two hours, this compensation reaches 30 percent. In case when train is more than three hours late, without the possibility of alternative transport, “Serbian Railways” are provided with accommodation.

“Serbian Railways” initiated the application of the Charter on International Passenger Transport on September 15th 2005, thus becoming one of 24 European railway enterprises aiming to improve service quality and define the standards.

During 2006, “Serbian Railways” have transported 425 thousand passengers in international transport, reaching the income of 247 million Dinars, which is ten percent more than in 2005, and 19 percent above the plan. Last year, 9.800 international passenger trains run on the railways of Serbia, connecting our country to numerous European cities, like Zurich, Munich, Vienna, Budapest, Kiev, Moscow, Bucharest, Sofia, Istanbul, Thessalonica, Skopje, Zagreb and Ljubljana.