JSC Serbian Railways


About “Prokop” – by the end of the month ?

Director general of “Serbian Railways”, Milanko Šarančić, M. Sc., has announced that “Serbian Railways” might soon begin the negotiations with the company which was second-placed on tender for building of railway station in Prokop, if the first-placed “Trigranit” does not start with the realization of its contractual obligations.

We shall have the final stand by the end of this month. Until then, we shall wait for the decision of “Trigranit” – specified Šarančić, and stressed that the Serbian Railways, together with the competent ministry, are seriously considering re-inviting the tender, pursuant to the law, or starting the negotiations with “Energoprojekt”.

According to his words, the contract with “Energoprojekt” might be signed by the end of this year, while the works on “Prokop” would start at the beginning of the next year.
Explaining the reasons why “Trigranit” has not started with the building of “Prokop” after signing the main and accompanying contracts, Šarančić stated that this company had additional requests which could not be fulfilled.

One of the requests which go beyond the framework of tender in entirety, is that there should be at least 44,000 passengers on station “Prokop”, daily. The other problem with “Trigranit”, was the request of the company from Cyprus that the local authorities reduce the building site charges. A certain misunderstanding was also caused by the statement of the main city architect, which said that Prokop would not be the main station, Šarančić stated.

– Perhaps Belgrade will have, like other European and world capitals, more than one railway station, but it is certain that the one in Prokop will be the main one, Šarančić said. Displacing of station tracks from the plateau by river Sava is in the interest of the city, “Serbian Railways”, and the Republic of Serbia – Šarančić reckoned.